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Daniel C. McCracken, MA, MFT
Licensed Psychotherapist

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How I Work

I can help you to remove the obstacles, which you are most often unaware of, that stand in your way of realizing your full potential.

Clients often ask me how I work. This question can be somewhat of a challenge to answer, due to the fact that my therapeutic approach with each client varies depending on their issues and needs. I draw from a pool of theoretical positions including Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic, Cognitive Behavioral, Systems Approach, Solution Focused, and Existential theories. Also, I continue to study new and effective techniques, engendering my growth and capacity as an successful and adept therapist. I would be happy to further discuss my views and objectives with you if it is your wish.

My style is straightforward and depending on the presentation of each unique and individual client, I can be active and direct, when the treatment calls for it. I am also quiet, reverent and provide solace from a base of real compassion and respect.

Even though at times clients don't feel this way, core to my believe is that they have a miraculous ability for insight, to grow and to change their life's course. There are many reasons why people find themselves having difficulties. If you knew these reasons, I am sure that you would not be reading this now. Most people have tried anything and everything before entering into therapy. Reasons do exist. Entering into therapy with me will be a sensitive exploration for the sought after reason that seems to elude you.

When people come to me they often find it difficult to clearly perceive themselves and/or the repeated patterns that are reoccurring in their lives. It is my job to help alleviate symptoms and to help you to gain awareness and clarity where it wasn't present prior to psychological treatment.

Therapy offers the key to unlock the doors that have remained shut long enough to forget that their were doors, or choices in the first place. I see my work with clients as a collaboration, a partnership in working towards an outcome to opening these doors into a life of more choices being available. There is hope and yes, therapy can work for you!