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Daniel C. McCracken, MA, MFT
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Therapy is about building and understanding choices that we either don't have at our disposal or don't feel are a "real" choice. My job is to allow you to get unstuck from that same position you keep finding yourself in, with an understanding of the choices that will make it possible for you to move on.

Do you feel that you are not being heard or are you experiencing difficulties with those around you? Do you think that you are not living up to your potential in life? Are you experiencing anxiety or depression and have little hope that it will ever change? Have you tried everything else and nothing really seems to work or have a lasting effect?

Therapy can create lasting change and there can be hope for a brighter future.

Life can be better!

Often the most difficult part of entering into therapy is simply making the decision to start. If you have found your way to this site, you are at least considering therapy. To make the next step easier, I would like to present you with some ideas:

Attending the first session, no matter how tentative your thoughts are, doesn't mean you do not have choices.

I design the first session to allow you to make an informed decision. Setting the initial appointment simply means that you are taking the next step in allowing the possibility for change to occur in your life. It allows you to see how I work without having to make a commitment, without any strings attached.

At times, it can be difficult to wrap your mind around asking for "help".

There is a misconception that going to therapy presumes weakness and that you should somehow be able to handle all of life's challenges by yourself, that you should somehow overcome or "lift yourself up by your bootstraps". This is not true. It shows much more strength to face life's difficulties by looking at them straight on and resolving them in whatever way works.

You may think that entering into therapy is self-indulgent.

So... If it can help to make your life better then it will no doubt have an effect on those around you and the world in which you live.