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Couple Therapy

In couple Therapy, you can begin to dissolve the past resentments and begin to speak and be heard as well as listen and understand. You can learn to live with presence in your couple allowing you to be open, honest and loving. It can be done.

Working to:

  • Get unstuck
  • Achieve Goals
  • Feel Peace
  • Conclude where your relationship is to go
  • Feel Heard and Connected
  • Acquire Understanding
  • See how anger is blocking your connection
  • Build Communication Skills
  • Navigate Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Understand what is resolvable and what isn't
  • End hurtful patterns
  • Relieve Symptoms
  • Get Needs Met
  • Heal and Grow
  • Enjoy Each Other
  • Enjoy a Satisfying Sex Life

Relationships can offer us the most wonderful and amazing experience that we have in life. They can take us into such an intimate and caring place, providing connection, self-growth and happiness. But, they can also be the most difficult, trying and heart rending ordeals that we will ever undergo. Difficulties in understanding and hurt can take up such a large amount of space and time that we often lack the knowledge, energy and the desire to move beyond them.

When couples find themselves in this position, Couple Therapy can provide the help needed to move beyond this space into a life that is mutually satisfying and that has the joy which you have come to feel is impossible to achieve or get back.

My focus in Couple Therapy is to provide a place in which both partners can feel safe enough to explore what is happening in their relationship. I allow a space for education and exploration, of reaching a deeper understanding in meeting each others needs within the relationship as well as a format for you to attain your individual fulfillment.

Couple Therapy provides a platform to air your past resentments that hold you back from being in a honest and loving relationship. It also allows you to work within the present to achieve a new respect and understanding of one another and yourself within the relationship.