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Daniel C. McCracken, MA, MFT
Licensed Psychotherapist

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Therapy can help you to live a full and present life and encourage a life of appropriate balance. It can help you to make better choices that seem illusive to you now. Therapy will help you breathe.

Stress can take a extreme toll on your emotional, psychological, and physical well being as well as have dire consequences for you relationships and work life. I help people to view all aspects of their life in order to gain insight into how lack of balance can have a grave effect in dfferent areas of your life.

My goal is to allow you find ways to objectively look at where you are stuck and create a life with increased quality. We will look at the ways in which you have continued to live out patterns in your life that end up diminishing its quality only to further deplete you.

Together, we will work to alleviate your stress by reducing feelings of pressure, providing you with effective tools to manage all of your responsibilities, without feeling overwhelmed. With this in place, it is possible to have more energy for yourself with applications to your relationships and work.